Donation Is The Quality Of A Wise Person

You can donate us for Sudama Seva, Gau Poshan Seva, Anna Daan, Gita-daan, Mandir Nirman, Festival Support, Sadhu Bhojan, Food for Life and more.

यज्ञदानतप:कर्म न त्याज्यं कार्यमेव तत् ।

यज्ञो दानं तपश्चैव पावनानि मनीषिणाम् ॥ BG 18.5 ॥

As said in Bhagavad Gita 18.5- acts of sacrifice, charity and penance are not to be given up; they must be performed. Indeed, sacrifice, charity and penance purify even the great souls.

The meaning of “Daan”. In Hinduism, many writings lay foremost authority on the art of “donating to help those in need.” The Upanishads texts holding the thoughtful concepts of Hinduism talk about “Daan” (which means giving to somebody in suffering or required as an act of virtue).

The Upanishads states that the three aspects of a good person are

  • Damah (self-control)
  • Daya (kindness or love for all life)
  • Daan (donation)

Donate For

The Vishnu-smriti says, “The goddess of prosperity Laxmi lives in those who are charitable.

दातव्यमिति यद्दानं दीयतेऽनुपकारिणे |

देशे काले च पात्रे च तद्दानं सात्त्विकं स्मृतम् || BG 17.20 ||

Charity given out of duty, without expectation of return, at the proper time and place, and to a worthy person is considered to be in the mode of goodness.

Temple Importance

यत्तु प्रत्युपकारार्थं फलमुद्दिश्य वा पुन: |

दीयते च परिक्लिष्टं तद्दानं राजसं स्मृतम् || 17.21 ||

Donation is the most valuable human act; it is all about creating a sustainable environment in which every human being can persevere and flourish.

Raw Material Seva

Life will become prime on its own if you do not engage yourself much in material things. Additionally, the pleasure derived from the act of donation is incomparable, which is another consideration to make a move.

Life Patron

The hunt for stuff can never lead human beings everywhere since it is left behind when we leave the world. Alternatively, serving the Lord and separating oneself from material pleasure should be the utmost priority of all individuals.

Why Should You Get Involved?

  • Sometimes you donated but you don’t know for what cause that donation will be used.
  • Even Bhagavad Gita stated that donation purifies even the great souls. So, we should also do our dharma to support society.
  • We should know this, “after donating anything we shouldn’t think about it. As it may raise the false ego in us. So, donate for Krishna as in Nishkaam Bhava.

The entirety you donate here can help many followers come closer to the Lord and complete their service, Temple is assumed to be the home of the Lord, and by donating to the house of the Lord, you can get an opportunity to do your service and support several other people to do the same as you did.

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